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Artificial Wood / Conwood Decorative Deck

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Want to have a new feel for your home? Want to make your home more decorative and luxurious? Want to make your home more artistic and artistic? Want to have a home with natural nuances in urban areas?

Wood material is an alternative. In the past, wooden houses were identified as old-fashioned or old-fashioned houses, now building wooden houses has become a trend. Nuances of artistic and classic value plus the distinctive colors of wood make wood capable of displaying a decorative, cool and elegant impression.

Some of the disadvantages and disadvantages of wood material, including:

1. Wood material is flammable especially in dry conditions.

2. Wood material is easily attacked by insects such as termites or other insects.

3. Wood materials contain water that can have a large effect on the shape of the wood, because the wood that has not been dried will experience shrinkage.

4. Wood material has hygroscopic properties and is sensitive to moisture, can be weathered.


Want to keep choosing the feel of wood in your home? We have a solution, Conwood.

Conwood is one of the building materials made of cellulose, fiber fiber and portland cement produced from environmentally friendly material processes. Conwood is one of the tested materials and has the license of "Singapore Green Label" as an environmentally friendly material. Conwood has a shape and texture that looks exactly like real wood so it can be used for a variety of building characteristics. Conwood is predicted to take over the position of wood as building materials in the future because it is more efficient and resistant to fire, termites and weather.


The advantages of Conwood include:

1. Conwood has a beautiful feel like real wood

2. Conwood has been licensed environmentally friendly

3. Resistant to fire and highway because the material used is a mixture of cellulose, fiber fiber and cement protland.

4. Easy to install

5. Save costs and time

6. Can be sawed

7. Guaranteed 100% Asbestos Free


Conwood Decorative Deck

Use Decorative Deck on concrete to create an elegant wooden floor feel in all interior and exterior of the room.


Specifications of Conwood Decorative Deck :

Thickness: 1.4 cm & 2.5 cm

Width: 10 cm, 15 cm & 20 cm

Length: 305 cm

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