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Angzdoor Door Molded Panel Series Economy type 2B
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Sell Angzdoor Door Molded Panel Series Economy type 2B

Specification of Angzdoor Door Molded Panel Series Economy type 2B

Selling Cheap and Quality Doors Bogor Area


Amazing advantages:

1. Practical

(Easy installation, light and coated with base paint or plastic)

2. Beautiful

(Textured natural wood fiber and has a variety of panel shapes so that it is easy to adapt to the style of the house / room)

3. Economical

(Prices are cheaper than doors that use solid wood)

4. Durable

(Periodic maintenance free)

5. Easy to get


Molded Panel is a door leaf panel made of one mold without a connection that has been given a base paint (plamir), so that only requires the process of final paint (top coat) only by spray or brush.

Angzdoor Doors are made with the concept of Practical, Beautiful, Economical, and has advantages not possessed by natural wood doors.


Modern character because of the modern production process:

- door skin

(Made from HDF which is produced with high-pressure modern machines so that the results are not easy to crack and scratch resistant or more resistant than natural wood. The door skin is formed without connection from the prints of modern machine work so that the door does not shrink easily, curve and expand)

- Door frame

(The skeleton is made of hardwood which has gone through an oven process)


Indoor Specifications:

Standard Size: 36x720x2100 mm, 36x820x2100 mm, 36x920x2100 mm

Size can be custom too

Maximum size is 927x2140

Indoor types: 2, 2B, 2D, 3 3A, 3B, 4, 4A 5, 4B, 4D, 6, 6A, 2M.

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