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Upvc Roofing Alderon Id 860 Mm
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Sell Upvc Roofing Alderon Id 860 Mm

Specification of Upvc Roofing Alderon Id 860 Mm

ALDERON is a high-performance uPVC Roof. Have materials that are guaranteed quality.

1) Does not rust
2) Easy to form for making roofs with curved shapes
3) Easy to cut, perforate, and easy to install even with simple equipment
4) Performance on fire: does not propagate fire (will be extinguished by itself if it burns)
5) Easy maintenance

Specifications of Nok / Wuwungan Alderon
Length: 950 mm
Width: 460 mm
Height: 85 mm
2.5 mm thick
Weight: 2.25 Kg / Sheet
Distance to Stopper: 115 mm
Color: White Doff & Blue Doff

We sell Alderon UPVC cheap prices with guaranteed quality.

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