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PVC Ceiling Side Lis Brown
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Almost every dwelling has a house ceiling or often called a ceiling, except dwellings that use the concept of an open ceiling.

The ceiling has the function of covering the roof truss and cables scattered on the ceiling.

Happens to become neater and cleaner dwellings.

Want to be more aesthetic? You can install trim to beautify and make it look neat.

Ceiling Lis is a link between the wall surface and the attached ceiling.

Without a ceiling trim, your ceiling area will look ordinary and untidy.

PVC Ceiling Lis is perfect for modern and minimalist style residences.


Some types of ceiling trim for your home:

  1. Side Lis / Side Lis (Functions between the ceiling and walls on the edges or sides)
  2. Lis Link (Function for state of the room that is longer than the ceiling size)
  3. Lis Profile (Function for ceiling installation conditions that fall or resemble angle L so the ceiling can go down and can function so that the material locks, does not come off and falls)


Lis PVC Specifications:

- Length: 4 meters


PVC Ceiling Lis

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