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Shera Wood type Floor Plank 25 mm x 250 mm x 4000 mm
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Specification of

Shera is a product that replaces wood material. Shera was created to realize the dream of a high quality and artful product for your building construction.

One of the products is Shera Floor Plank.

Shera Floor Plank is the best substitute for wood-based products. This Shera is very suitable as decoration, both traditional and modern. Shera can be used as an alternative to wood texture choices. This Shera material is also resistant to fire, termites and moisture. Its flexibility and durability are such that it can be installed directly into the frame.

Size of Shera Floor Plank
Thickness: 25 mm
Wide: 250 mm
Length: 4000 mm
Color: Uncolored, Merbau Brown, Chestnut Brown, Wild Cherry

Wood is often seen for its beauty. The advantages of wood from the nature of the mechanism is the resistance of wood to pressure and flexure. Wood is very attractive in terms of aesthetics but there are still many shortcomings. What are its weaknesses?
  1. Wood susceptible to insects such as termites will cause porous.
  2. Wood can rot if it is in a high enough humadity.
  3. Wood is easily soft and rotten.
  4. Wood diameter is not wide.
  5. The waste is large because it cannot be used entirely.
  6. Wood material is flammable and easily damaged.
Is there a solution to the problem above?
the answer is EXCLLENT.

Nowadays, environmental sustainability is very sad, because there are a lot of exploitation of natural resources which is out of bounds. But with the increasingly sophisticated technology, many scientists are creating new innovations, one of which is wood substitute products.

Do you have it? THERE IS.

Is that the product? That is SHERA

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