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Shera Splendid Plank Wood type Modern Stragger  10 x 100 x 3000
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23 Jul 2020
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But wood material itself cannot last long. Weaknesses in wood materil are porous/weathered, flammable and easily damaged.
Then if I want to use wood as one of the architectures in my house but there are many weaknesses of the material, so what's the solution?

Dont worry.
Because we have the solution which is SHERA WOOD.

Shera is the latest innovation. Shera is a wood substitute product that is very strong and durable. Shera was created with high technology and the latest in certainly made with quality materials. The material is not from wood because shera himself wants to protect the environment.

Shera has several categories for your dwelling, namely shera for floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and many more.


Shera Splendid Plank is categorized for walls. Shera Splendid Plank is made like wood that is designed differently for the needs of the community with various architectural styles such as traditional, classical and modern styles.
Shera Splendid Plank presents the appearance of overlapping and grooved edge profiles.
Shera Splendid Plank can be applied to interior or exterior.
Overlapping viewers can give very beautiful final results.
For easy and fast installation.

Size of Shera Splendid Plank
Type: Modern Stagger
Thickness: 10 millimeters
Width: 100 millimeters
Length: 3000 millimeters
Weight: 4.40 Kilograms

There are so many interesting facts about wood architecture, one of which is in health, which can calm the body because wood motifs can create an atmosphere like in nature.

Discussing wood motif turned out to be lot of wood designs arranged to become beautiful motifs.

The following are some wooden arrangements that become beautiful motifs, namely:
  1. Motifs with 3-dimensional effects, this can create an illusion to anyone who sees it. You can prepare wood in 3 different colors and arrange it like a cube.
  2. Herringbone wood motif. Herringbone itself is a herringbone, so wood is arranged to resemble hering bones. Different wood colors make the house feel natural and attractive.
  3. Woven wood motif. This motif can be combined by ceramics, will create a weaving pattern that is tenuous or not cmbined with other materials to make it look more like a woven pattern like bamboo. Woven wood motif is very suitable for traditional style dwellings.
  4. Chess Motif. This motif can be used for those of you who like classic sytle dwellings but still look modern. Chess motifs can be composed of two different colors such as light brown and dark brown.
  5. Motifs of various color combinations. This motif can be combined with several colors and arranged randomly, besides that it can be a focal point for your home. This motif can create a comfortable atmosphere.



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