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Roof UPVC Rooftuff Double Layer Eff 870 mm White Doff
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Selling UPVC Rooftuff Quality and Affordable !!!


The advantages of Rooftuff UPVC roof are:

1. Low maintenance costs, because it is resistant to chemical erosion and resistant to weather.

2. Can muffle the sound, so when heavy rain will not be noisy.

3. Strong and durable for quite a long time

4. Available in non-transparent (matte) and translucent (semi-transparent) material

5. very resistant to impact and can withstand loads up to 540 kg.


UPVC Rooftuff roof is a wave roof that has a cavity as a solution for various problems on the roof of your home. There are so many advantages on UPVC Rooftuff's roof that is resistant to various weather conditions, resistant to chemicals, not fade easily, strong, can reduce sound, not easily spread the fire, the roof is cool, and much more.


Rooftuff UPVC Roof Specifications:

Thickness: 10 millimeters

Overall width: 930 millimeters

Effective Width: 870 millimeters

Wave height: 40 millimeters

Wave Distance: 215 millimeters

Weight: 4.5 Kilogram / M2

Length: 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters and a maximum of 12 meters


Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride or ordinary people call it UPVC, this UPVC material has a PVC composition of 85% and Stabilizers + Modifier + Filler + Colorpigments + Titanium on Oxide by 15%. This can make UPVC resistant to various weather conditions.

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