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Holodeck UPVC Roof Eff 780 mm Thick 12 millimeter Red Color
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Sell Holodeck UPVC Roof Eff 780 mm Thick 12 millimeter Red Color

Specification of Holodeck UPVC Roof Eff 780 mm Thick 12 millimeter Red Color

Selling UPVC Roof Quality and Affordable Prices !!!


Advantages of UPVC Holodeck roof:

  • Fireproof (Why is it Fireproof? Because the Holodeck Roof is strong, especially when the fire does not spread like some other types of roofing. This can guarantee the safety of your valuable possessions.)
  • Cool Roof (Why is it called cool? Because the waves and UPVC base material make sure that heat does not absorb into the building or building. It has been tested and proven that the UPVC Holodeck roof can reduce temperatures to 5 degrees Celsius during the day.)
  • Strong and durable roof (Can lock more than 90% against acids, bases and salt. Very useful for use in chemical plants or coastal buildings, making the holodeck not only cold, cool, strong and competitive prices.)
  • ASA Protection (Holodeck protected by U.S.A (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is a high protection against UV rays, increases heat dissipation, anti-fade and anti-fungal)
  • Flexibility (Although made with strong and rigid materials, it turns out that the Holodeck roof is flexible / flexible, but at certain lengths curves can be formed, without having to be rolled up like a metal roof.)
  • Sound Insulation (Holodeck can reduce noise due to rain up to 20 etc.)


UPVC Holodeck Roof Specifications:

- Standard Length: 1 meter to 12 meters

- Standard width: 830 millimeters

- Effective width: 780 millimeters

- Thickness: 12 millimeters

- Weight: 4.8 Kilograms / meter

- CNP distance: 1.2 meters

- Wave height: 3.1 centimeters


We present premium Twinwall roofs or hollow roofs from products that are well known for their quality. Using structures and having ASA protection, Holodeck can fight extreme weather and climate.

Holodeck is not only made with strength but has the character of flexibility that is suitable for architecture that requires balance, beauty and strength of the structure.

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