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Roof UPVC Amanroof Eff 840 mm White
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Sell Roof UPVC Amanroof Eff 840 mm White

Specification of Roof UPVC Amanroof Eff 840 mm White

Amanroof UPVC Roof Specifications:

Thickness: 12 mm

Effective width: 840 mm

Overall Width: 890 mm

Distance between Waves: 167 mm

Wave Height: 40 mm


ASA is a co-polymersion of styrene, acrylic, and acrylic rubber. Has a very strong resistance to weather. Not only reactance to UV radiation caused by degradation, age, fading of color, it also provides strong protection against decomposition and discoloration in the oxidation process caused by high temperatures in the atmosphere, thereby greatly enhancing the anti aging function and weather resistance of the material. Based on the test results, the anti aging function of ASA is 10 times that of ABS. ASA has a better function of resistance to high temperatures. ASA is a kind of anti-stains material that can reduce the surface of dust on the product surface.

  1. ASA has good mechanical and physical properties (including strength, hardness, elongation, etc. Physical properties, including melting point of material, thermal conductive conductivity and other aspects of upvc based on reinforcement).
  2. ASA has strong weather resistance (not only is resistant to UV radiation caused by degradation, aging, fading, while the atmosphere due to high temperature decomposition or discoloration has a strong guarantee, it greatly improves anti-aging and weathering performance).
  3. ASA has good high temperature performance, enhancing the life of the UPVC.
  4. ASA is an anti-static material, can make surface dust less, make new villa tiles with the appearance of similar lotus leaf cleaners.

Self-cleaning Performance

  1. Light: UPVC material is only the proportion of cast iron 1/5, transport, easy to install, reduce costs.
  2. Excellent chemical resistance: UPVC has excellent acid and alkali resistance, besides being close to strong acids or minimal strong oxidizing agents.
  3. Non-conductive: UPVC materials cannot be conductive, or with point solutions, current corrosion, there should be no secondary processing.
  4. Can not burn, does not help combustion, there are no fears of fire.
  5. The installation is simple, the installation costs are low: cutting and connection is very simple, the use of PVC glue to prove the practice is reliable and reliable, easy to operate, low cost.
  6. Durable: excellent durability, cannot be damaged by bacteria and fungi.
  7. Low resistance, high flow rate: smooth walls, loss of small liquid fluids, difficult to stick to dirt on the smooth walls, maintenance is relatively simple, maintenance costs are low.


Advantages of Amanroof UPVC Roof:

  1. Heatproof
  2. Soundproof
  3. Corrosion
  4. Fireproof
  5. Insulation against electricity

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