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 UPVC Alderon RS Roof Eff 760 mm Type Greca Color Gray
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Here are the advantages of UPVC Alderon RS Roof:
  1. Strong. Although Alderon RS is 1.2 millimeters or 1.45 millimeters thick, this roof is sturdy and strong. How come it's strong? Because the material is made from UPVC.
  2. Light Weight. This is one of the advantages that can be utilized in earthquake-prone areas because it weighs only 1.2 Kg/M1. Ths also makes it easy for the installation process.
  3. Durable? Certain. Made from quality materials and using advanced technology. Alderon Hospital is anti termite, resistant to weather in Indonesia which is often changing.
  4. Not rusty. UPVC Alderon RS Roof is free from metal, zinc or iron. Therefore, Alderon Hospital will not rust.
  5. UPVC Alderon RS Roof is not flammable. Even if it burns, it will go out by itself, the fire will not spread. So you can save your property and possessions.
  6. Chemical Resistant.. UPVC Roofs are already secure, so make no mistake if many factories, warehouse, and other buildings use UPVC Roofs.
  7. Cold Roof. Why did it happen? As explained in point 4, the UPVC roof is metal-free, besides the material is quite thick unlike some other roofing materials.

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