uPVC Alderon RS Eff 760 mm Roof

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The roof is a very important part of a building, but often Indonesian people have some problems, such as rusty roof, heat, has, flammable, and many more. Why is that? because Indonesia has a tropical climate and one of your only roofing materials is not the best material.

The solution to the problem on the roof is to use a roof with UPVC material.

The following are the advantages of UPVC roofs:
1. Turn off the sound and keep the heat
The UPVC perforated roof helps reduce the outside, even during heavy rains. Laboratory test results prove that a thick UPVC roof can reduce the amount that enters by up to 27% ASTM E90.
Air is good natural heat. UPVC roofing is specially bolted to UPVC roofing structures and materials which have good heat retarding properties. These two, combined, can significantly inhibit room temperature entry, save on installation and roofing costs, and there is no need to use insulating foil under the roof.

2. Not easy to wear and durable
Alderon is durable with UV protective formula, protects Alderon from UV rays and various types of weather, makes UPVC Roofs less durable, and protects beautiful roofs for a long time.

3. Anti chemical
UPVC roofs are built to be resistant to chemicals and other industrial pollutants. Highly resistant to chemicals.

4. Very strong and sturdy
UPVC base material and solid cavity wall structure make this material very strong and sturdy.

5. No rust
Unlike other roofs, UPVC roofs are made with basic materials that are resistant to corrosive environments. Alderon is rust-resistant and not easily brittle.

6. Easy to clean
Thanks to a special material, the roof surface is very easy to clean, just by spraying water on the surface.

7. Burning performance
Non-combustibility is the performance of UPVC roofing. If it burns, the fire will die by itself.

8. Easy to shape and cut
Cutting is very easy, you can jigsaw or grind.

Specifications and Size:
Thickness: 1.45 millimeter
Overall Width: 760 millimeters
Effective Width: 688 millimeter
Height: 17 millimeters
Distance Between Peaks: 76 millimeters
Weight: 2.4 Kg/M1

Color Variants:
- White
- Gray

Suitable for:
- Residential Roof
- Canopy
- Factory Roof
- Ranch Roof
- Fertilizer Factory Roof
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