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Spandek Roof Spyro type Zeus Hijau Borneo
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Specification of

The Specifications of the Spyro Spandek Metal Roof Type Zeus:
Product width: 85.5 centimeters
Product length: 170 centimeters
Effective Dimensions: 78 centimeters
Thickness: 0.23 millimeters, 0.25 millimeters and 0.28 millimeters

Spandex Brand Spyro Quality and Affordable Prices!!!

A metal is an element that has a hard, shiny, opaque texture, has good thermal and electrical conductivity. Metal can be stacked and changed to shape without tearing, breaking or cracking.

Metal material is very suitable for modern buildings today. Some people see metal material looks more luxurious. The advantages of using metal materials are strong and also termite resistant so it can last a long time.

Other advantages are:
  • Installation can be faster and easier, so save time and energy.
  • A more affordable price that others.
  • Can be matched with all steel or wood frames.
  • The Material is not easily broken, strong and easy to maintain.
  • Its light weight can reduce the risk of roof colllapse compared to using ceramic tile, concrete tile or clay tile.

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