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Alsynite Fiberglass Roof XRP Lite Thick 1.2 millimeter
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Sell Alsynite Fiberglass Roof XRP Lite Thick 1.2 millimeter

Specification of Alsynite Fiberglass Roof XRP Lite Thick 1.2 millimeter

Alsynite Fiberglass Roof


Alsynite Fiberglass roofs are very busy following the "trend profile". Of the many steel roofing and cladding manufacturing products. For acquisition, we have a lot of profiles. In addition, new or non-standard profiles can be easily adjusted, with a short time to provide samples.

Alsynite Fiberglass Roof Loyalty while maintaining the standard is supported by warranty coverage in accordance with the requirements and existing standard operating procedures. Provides a roof architecture that appeals to designers, contractors and users. Warranty and Installation Services cover all alsynite products. Included in the installation service are profile data sheets, windload charts, installation recommendations, and general specification details.

We have several reference projects in Indonesia using Alsynite Fiberglass Roof, namely: Toyota Astra Motor, Denso, Impack Pratama, TVS Motor, ITC Sinarmas, H.M. Sampoerna, Torabika, Fire Boat, Carrefour, Sosro, Blue Scoope Steel, TOTO, Petro China Oil Company, Pindi Deli and Paper.

Industry Reach Alsynite Fiberglass Roofing products are strongly supported by diverse domestic class profiles and flat panels for a variety of architectural and signage applications.

Alsynite Fiberglass roof has several types, one of which is XRP Lite.

XRP Lite is a quality translucent product intended for lighting your building, where the light is refracted and can enter the building, this is one way to save electricity.

As a product that can be combined with other roofs, such as zyncalume roofs and metal roofs, industrial buildings both on roofs and on walls.

XRP Lite has a variety of wave profiles.


The advantages of Alsynite Fiberglass Roofing:

- Non-flammable

- Easy installation and cutting

- Able to refract light evenly

- Suppress heat and incoming light

- Strong and durable

- The film layer uses a continuous laminating machine from Australian technology


Application of General Use of Alsynite Fiberglass Roofing:

- Terrace

- garage

- Canopy

- Campus Buildings

- Swimming pool

- Roofs and walls of industrial buildings


Alsynite Fiberglass Roof Specifications:

Weight: 1600 GSM, 1800 GSM, 2400 GSM and 3600 GSM

Thickness: 1 millimeter, 1.2 millimeter, 1.5 millimeter, 2 millimeter

Length: 11.9 meters

Width: For width depending on the wave profile taken

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