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Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 millimeter Thick Shaded Red Color
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Sell Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 millimeter Thick Shaded Red Color

Specification of Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 millimeter Thick Shaded Red Color

Advantages of Onduvilla Bitumen Roof:

  • Bitumen Onduvilla roof is one of the alternative roofs with rigan weights and is ideal for the roof of your home.
  • Onduvilla Bitumen roof is made with a complete and unique system that is suitable for renewal of old or new buildings and can be used using a wooden or lightweight steel frame.
  • Onduvilla Bitumen roof made based on the roof with many color variations and interesting because there are variations in 3D and Shaded
  • Likewise, an accessory system that produces the best roof answers for the people of Indonesia.


Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Application:

  1. Private Home
  2. Agriculture
  3. Institution
  4. Commercial


Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Specifications:

Width: 106 centimeters

Length: 40 centimeters

Net coverage per tile: 0.312 M2

Thickness: 3 millimeters

Number of wrinkles: 6

Wrinkle height: 38 millimeters

Weight / M2: 4 kilograms

Weight per tile: 1.27 Kilograms

Carbon footprint: 4 kilograms of Eq CO 2 / M


Selling Cheap and Quality Bitumen Onduvilla Roofs Bogor area !!!


Who doesn't want to have a strong and durable roof? Everyone certainly wants to have a roof of the highest quality that is durable and strong

We have a solution for all who oppose the roof of your house. What is the solution?

The solution is the Bitumen Roof. What is a Bitumen Roof? Bitumen is made from Asphalt such as Algacoating, Fiberglass, and Sand Stone.

Bitumen Onduvilla roof is a light weight, flexible roof with an elegant design, using a distinctive Mediterranean style.

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