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Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 mm Forest Green
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Sell Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 mm Forest Green

Specification of Onduvilla Bitumen Roof 3 mm Forest Green

The Onduvilla Bitumen roof is a future solution and an alternative to concrete or clay roofs and metal tiles.

Onduvilla Bitumen roof is water resistant, reliable and environmentally friendly. Because of its thermal comfort and good acoustic performance, it provides comfort from heat and rainy noise.

Enjoy a unique and complete system at competitive prices.

Protect you with fast installation and make your building different and more attractive.


Advantages of Onduvilla Bitumen Roof:

1 QUICK (Wide and Light: For easy application at work. Easy and fast installation.)

2 FLEXIBLE (Onduvilla Bitumen roof can be applied to various forms of roof and can be applied to the Curved Roof.)

3 SAFE (Onduvilla Bitumen roof is a lightweight roof, resistant to all kinds of weather and suitable for earthquake-prone areas.)

4 ESTETICS (Enjoy the Mediterranean roof style with a variety of attractive colors and shades. Embellish your roof with specially designed new accessories.)


Onduvilla Roofing Bitumen is an alternative lightweight tile that is ideal for replacing clay and concrete roofs.

Onduvilla Bitumen roof is a complete, unique and suitable system for renovating new buildings, can be applied using a light steel frame or even wooden frame.

The Onduvilla Bitumen roof is designed to resemble ceramic tile with attractive color variants because it is available in shaded and 3D color variants.

The Onduvilla Bitumen roof is equipped with a complete accessory system to produce a guaranteed and quality roofing solution for you.


Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Specifications:

Length: 40 cm

Width: 106 cm

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight per tile: 1.27 Kg

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