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Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Anthracite Black
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Selling cheap and high quality Bitumen Onduvilla tile !!!

Advantages of Bitumen Roofs:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Leakproof
  • Soundproofing
  • Anti-rust
  • Light

Specifications of Onduvilla Bitumen Tile:

Thickness: 3 millimeters

Length: 40 centimeters

Width: 106 centimeters wide

Number of Corrugations: 6

Wrinkle Height: 3.8 centimeters

Net coverage per tile: 0,312 m2

Weight per tile: 1.27 kg

Onduvilla is a lightweight tile-like tile that can replace concrete and clay roofs. Can be applied using lightweight steel frames or wooden frames. Onduvilla is designed like a ceramic tile with many beautiful and attractive color variants because of the large selection of colors. Use of accessories to add beauty.

Application of Onduvilla Bitumen Roof:

  1. Private House (Because of its light weight and unique, elegant design and suitable for all types of roofs)
  2. Agriculture (Can reduce sound even when it rains a lot)
  3. Institution (New building or being renovated. Roof must be easily installed so that the process can be done quickly so that the goal is not to interfere with other activities)
  4. Commercial (A light solution, motives that tempt customers, easy and fast installation)

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