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Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof Thick 3 millimeter
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Selling Quality Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof in Bogor !!!


Bitumen roof is asphalt roof. Onduline Bitumen roof is a roof made of bitumen or asphalt and other materials, namely Fiberglass, Alga Coating, Sand Stone. Asphalt roofs can be called Bitumen Roofs, Single Asphalt Roofs or Asphalt Shingles. Why is it called Asphalt Roof? Because the basic material of the roof is Asphalt Bitumen.

Here are some types and shapes of bitumen roofs:

  1. Asphalt / Bitumen Tile Roof, this type has a tile shape or resembles a roof in general, the basic material of which is Cellulose Fiber and Asphalt.
  2. Asphalt roof / Wave Bitumen Roof, this type has a basic material waveform namely cellulose fibers and asphalt.
  3. Asphalt roof / Bitumen Shingles roof has basic material from Sand Stone, Alga Coating, and Fiberglass.


Advantages of Onduline Bitumen Roof:

  • Installation can use nails / adhesive.
  • Resistant to all weather
  • No need special care
  • strong can be trampled
  • Light weight and waterproof
  • Does not require special trinkets
  • Can beautify the roof of your home
  • Flexible, can be shaped and can be adapted to the shape of the house
  • Have color variants such as Red, Green, Chocolate, Black


Onduline Bitumen Roof Specifications:

Material : Bitumen Cellulose

Length : 195 millimeter

Width : 96 millimeter

Thickness : 3 millimeters

Wave height : 3.8 centimeters

Effective area : 1.28 M2 - 1.53 M2

Usage / M2 : 0.78 sheets (5 degrees - 10 degrees) and 0.65 sheets (> 10 degrees)

Color : Red, Chocolate, Green, Black

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