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Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof
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Selling Cheap and Quality Bitumen Onduline Roof Tile Bogor Area!!!

Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof Specifications:
Material: Bitumen Cellulose
Length: 195 centimeters
Width: 96 centimeters
Thickness: 3 millimeters
Wave height: 3.8 centimeters
Effective Area: 1.87 M2
Weight: 3.15 Kg/M2
Carbon Footprint: 4 Kg CO/M2
Color: Dual Red 3D

All Bitumen Roofs are asbestos-free and environmentally friendly with carbon footprint distances listed above. Has attained ISO 14021 and VAR 1016 International Certificates for high impact recycling technology, and LEED Gold for environmentally friendly and sustainable building operations.

Onduline Tile has an affordable price, very suitable for use because of its many functions.
  • Onduline Tile can be applied to small battens to strengthen the location.
  • Onduline Tile withstands high pressure. So during installation, workers can walk on roof waves. Onduline Tile withstands pressure from the roof waves if the slope of the roof is gentle.
  • Overlapping Onduline Tile is very safe. Onduline Tile has proven safety overlaps. Onduline Tile has a wave that locks one from the other and is a waterproof galvanized nail/screw coupler accessory.
  • Various Onduline Tile color variants are very unique and elegant. Onduline Tile is often called the Medditerranean roof because the combanation of three colors produces a different impression so it looks attractive.
  • Onduline Tile has airways. Onduline  Tile has an 85 centimeter curve, which serves to assist the process of air exchange.
  • The Installation of Onduline Tile is very easy by using galvanized screws that are covered by rubber seals and installed on each side of the roof wave. This rubber seal works so that rain water does not enter through the nail hole.
  • Onduline Tile can be cut using a saw or knife as desired.
  • Onduline Tile has a light weight so it facilitates installation and saves on construction costs.
  • Onduline Tile is very flexible in installation. This Onduline Tile is also waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions.

Main Advantages:
- Anti-Rust/Anti-Corrosion
- Mute the Sound
- Light
- Aesthetics

Other Extra Advantages:
- Leakproof
- Easy Installation
- Environmentally friendly

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