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Bitumen Roof Onduline Tile 3 mm
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Sell Bitumen Roof Onduline Tile 3 mm

Specification of Bitumen Roof Onduline Tile 3 mm

The Onduline Tile Bitumen roof is the latest Onduline variant. This is a combination of the two products between Onduline and Onduvilla, which has a longitudinal profile similar to Onduline, but also like ceramic tiles with interesting color variants typical of Onduvilla tiles. Therefore, it is called Tile (tile) because it has an aesthetic look like conventional tile.

Equipped with seven embossed lines (emboss) that facilitate overlap (overlap) without difficulty measuring and facilitating the positioning of immersion screws.

The Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof is based on cellulose fiber, bitumen, organic fiber, and resin. These materials are claimed to be environmentally friendly and versatile.


Specification of Onduline Tile Bitumen Roof:

Length: 195 cm

Width: 96 cm

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight per sheet: 5.9 Kg / m

Weight per M2: 3.15 Kg / m2


Onduline Tile is guaranteed not to be easy to leak, not noisy, also because of the flexible material properties that make Onduline Tile suitable and easy to apply even on complicated roof models besides having a better coloring side at a more reasonable price.

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