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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a product that is resistant to various conditions, made with the best components combined with fire-resistant elements and good aesthetic value. This product provides a great solution for building architects and for you who create a new look for offices, homes, buildings, poms, hotels.

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) has a core flame retardant element with layers between 2 pieces of aluminum, the side is coated with X-Tra Durable PVDF, the back side is coated with polyester.

Using Dupont adhesive with the co-extrusion process. One factory that uses this technology. Aluminum Composite Panel uses a very strong adhesive than ordinary film adhesive.


Aluminum Composite Panel Specifications:

Panel T: 4 millimeters
Alu Skin T: 0.5 millimeters
Width: 1220 millimeters
Length: 2440 millimeters and 4880 millimeters
Weight: 3.85 Kg / M2 - 7.69 Kg / M2


Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel:

  1. Fire Resistant (Aluminum Composite Panel contains fire resistant material to very high temperatures because it is made with sophisticated technology based on USA ASTM E-84, British Standards BS476 and Germany DIN4102 standards)
  2. Easy to clean (Aluminum Composite Panel has a character that can be cleaned with a special liquid coating that can make the surface clean.)
  3. Fastness (Wear the best material layers from PVDF or FEVE with specifications for the level of rein control and the quality of the dip roller coating and roasting process. Having the ability to maintain color does not fade with a very long time in outdoor conditions.)
  4. Anti-Stain (Material developed and input from Kaneka Japan, can prevent problems such as black stain from quality sealants in a very long time.)


Applications for using Aluminum Composite Panel:

1. Outdoor cladding
2. Facade
3. Company Identity
4. Roof Cover, Underpass
5. Wall coverings and perforated panels
6. Container construction

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